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A sound sleep after a long day is all you need to rejuvenate! Our collection of pillows, ranging from memory foam and feather filling to rectangular and anti allergy, ensures no more uncomfortable nights. With gorgeous bedding in pleasing shades and patterns, create a beautiful cosy space to unwind.

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Medium Duck Feather And Down Set Of 2 Soft Pillows (296130) | AED198
Touch Of Silk Set of 2 Medium Pillows (191007) | AED154
Simply Soft Foam Support 2 Pack Pillows (C64361) | AED123
Simply Soft Anti Allergy Medium Set of 2 Pillows (C37709) | AED79
Touch Of Silk Set of 2 Soft Pillows (707741) | AED154
Set of 2 Firm Breathable Cotton Pillows (M47606) | AED176
Medium Set of 2 Anti Allergy and Antibacterial Pillows (450850) | AED88
Set of 2 Soft Breathable Cotton Pillows (M48210) | AED176
Firm Set Of 2 Goose Feather & Down Pillows (879514) | AED242
Collection Luxe Duck Down & Feather Surround Pillow (M39226) | AED242
Medium Temperature Regulating Set of 2 Pillows (909450) | AED154
Simply Soft Anti Allergy Firm Set of 2 Pillows (C00515) | AED79