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Men's Slippers


Treat your feet to soft slippers this season! There is nothing more relaxing than slipping into luxurious suede moccasins after a long day, or chilling around in soft mules, available in grey, tan and navy shades. Our fleece lined range will add to your comfort, with our loungewear offering a variety of styles for relaxed experience.

Navy Blue Borg Lined Slider Slippers (M85326) | AED50
Navy Blue Stag Mule Slippers (542516) | AED67
Black Borg Lined Slider Slippers (T43840) | AED50
Black Check Sock Mule Slippers (M33237) | AED67
Charcoal Grey Borg Lined Slider Slippers (T24086) | AED50
UGG Black Tasman Slippers (U22836) | AED492
Navy Extra Large Monogram Slippers (151726) | AED71
Grey Check Mule Slippers (640106) | AED67
Navy Medium Monogram Slippers (756562) | AED71
Charcoal Grey Mule Slippers (618449) | AED78
Navy Check Mule Slippers (576741) | AED67
Grey Faux Fur Mules (240084) | AED67