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Find the perfect Eid outfit for your little ones with our collection of colourful, sparkling,smart and joyful clothes made for celebration. From dapper blazer, shirt, trouser and bow tie sets to embroidered mesh party dresses and suave loafers or glitter Mary Janes, make your feast that little bit more fabulous with extra special Eid occasionwear for kids.

Mint Green Waistcoat, Shirt, Short & Bow Tie Set (3mths-9yrs) (N36069) | AED184 - AED203
Cream Floral Tiered Mesh Dress (3mths-7yrs) (197914) | AED97 - AED116
Neutral Blazer, Shirt, Trousers & Bow Tie Set (3mths-9yrs) (485414) | AED266 - AED305
Sage Green Blazer, Shirt and Shorts Set (3mths-9yrs) (529465) | AED213 - AED242
Navy/White Short Sleeve Polo and Shorts Set (3mths-7yrs) (162653) | AED63 - AED82
Olive Green Pleat Detail Short Sleeve Taffeta Dress (3mths-10yrs) (291305) | AED87 - AED116
Angel & Rocket Sylvie Taffeta Ruffle Bow Dress (A99014) | AED417 - AED476
Aqua Blue T-Shirt and Skirt Set (3mths-7yrs) (N30519) | AED58 - AED77
Blue 2pc Zip Polo Shirt and Shorts Set (3mths-7yrs) (N40093) | AED53 - AED73
Pink Embroidered Mesh Party Dress (3mths-10yrs) (879470) | AED92 - AED121
Baker by Ted Baker Shirt and Trousers Set (N32313) | AED269 - AED299
Laura Ashley White Lace Collar Smock Dress (109885) | AED177 - AED200